What is the Minimum embed size? 

Why does the Expand & Play button appear when I embed my project?


Eko projects are responsive by design. This means that the elements of the project dynamically resize based on the project’s dimensions. If the dimensions are too small to provide adequate usability, then certain blocks will display an expand & play button. This occurs when the project is less than 370 pixels high or 300 pixels wide. 

Projects with dimensions slightly larger than that will result in your project looking “compressed” but navigable with a via scroll bar.   

Adjusting the minimum height for embedded video

When a page with eko video embedded on it is loaded, 

an iframe will be created on the page in the place the snippet is created.

By default, the height of the iframe will be 100% of the available height. 

In some cases, the available height is not sufficient. 

To set the minimum height:

  1.  In eko platform, click the Publish settings
  2. Set the desired minimum height for Desktop/Mobile
  3. Click on Publish