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Tagging products in your Shopify Store  

Follow these step-by-step instructions to tag products in your Shopify store

Please note: this tutorial assumes that the eko shopify app is installed and a shopify store is connected to a Space. If you haven’t done so already, please see the instructions on how to connect your shopify store here

If you don’t have this option available, please contact customer support and we’ll help you get started. 


Tags  help describe attributes about their specific product(s). Properly tagging your products is what enables eko experiences to pull in personalized product recommendations. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your tagging system is complete if you’d like to include this feature in an eko experience. 

Step 1:  Shopify provides you with the ability to create and manage a list of products/goods 

Step 2: For each product the user wants to use in an eko experience, please add the specific tag in the “Tags” section within Shopify.  

For more information related to tagging in shopify please see: Creating & using tags in Shopify 

  1. Create tags that will be specific and descriptive for your eko project needs.  
  2. You will have the ability to reference the tags you created within the Product list block filter down or display specific product(s) as a results


Learn how to connect to your Shopify store to the eko platform