Lead Generation - Klaviyo

Learn how to create eko project to collect leads into Klaviyo

To create an eko project that collects leads into Klaviyo follow the steps below:

  1. Create new API key in Klaviyo
  2. You will need the List ID of the list you want to collect data
  3. Configure in eko platform integration to Klaviyo account
  4. Add the Klaviyo List ID to the email block in your eko project


Integrate eko with Klaviyo 

  1. Under your Klaviyo profile go to Account > Settings > API Keys > and create a new Private API Key

  2. Show and copy the API Key

  3. In eko platform, under “Space Settings” > “Integration” tab > Choose “Klaviyo” and paste the API Key 

For a detailed walkthrough on integrating with Klaviyo see the following:

How to connnect your Klaviyo CRM to the eko platform 

Create an eko project with Email Sign Up block

Now that you’re connected Klavio to your space in eko platform, you can write to your contacts any information using the editor’s email block

  1. Create or edit existing eko projects with Email Sign Up block. 
    The best way to start is using a "Lead Gen" template. 
    In eko platform, create a new project > explore templates > filter by "Lead Gen"

  2. Select the template that best suits you.
  3. In your Klaviyo account, choose the list you want to write the information to, then go to “List Settings” and copy the List ID
  4. In the project editor, find the "Email Sign Up block", and paste the ID in the Email Sign Up block
  5. You can add an action to any block that will write information to the chosen list in your Klaviyo account.
In klaviyo, you will see the data for each list member in the information: