How to embed an eko project on a website

Learn how to quickly embed eko project in your site

Copy the embed snippet from eko platform

  1. Login to eko platform - 
  2. In the projects list, click on the project you want to embed
  3. On the right panel, click the “Copy” icon in “Embed Code Snippet
  4. Paste the code anywhere into your HTML.

  5. That's It! 

Adjusting the minimum height for embedded video

When loading a page with eko video embedded in it,
an iframe containing eko project is created on the page, where the embed snippet was placed.

By default, the height of the iframe will be 100% of the available height. 
On some cases, the available height is not sufficient. 

To set the minimum height:

  1.  in eko platform, click the publish settings
  2. Set the desired minimum height for Desktop/Mobile
  3. Click on Publish 


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