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How to create a project

A step-by-step guide to open a new project

How to open a new project

  1. Make sure that you are in the right space (if not, switch spaces by going to your space menu at platform.eko.com/spaces/). Once you’re sure you’re in the correct space, go to the top left-hand corner of the page and select your space name to open the menu. 
  2. Next, select “Projects” to open your project library. 



1. Once you’re in the Projects page, navigate to the top left-hand corner and select the button “+ New” to create a new Project. 

2. Next, you will be prompted to choose the template you’d like to build your project. To choose your first template, click on the “Template Library” button to browse and choose the template you’d like to start with. 

3. Once you’re in the Template Library, choose a template to kickstart your project. You can use the filters on the top to help find a template that best serves your company goals and the specific objectives of this project. Once you have a template you like, select “Use This Template.”

It’s important to remember that templates are simply the starting point of your interactive video, and the structural logic can be adjusted to your needs and your desired business outcome. For more information on customizing logic, click here

4. Next, you will be redirected to the Template page, where you can edit the template’s blocks. Blocks are pre-determined video placements for you to upload your own footage. On the Template page, you have the ability to adjust block types, the logic dictating the flow between blocks, input audio, edit the copy, and add your company’s style and branding to the interactive video. 

Next steps 

Once you made some changes, you can preview your interactive experience by clicking the “Preview” button in the top right corner.

Ready to publish? We got you covered! Here’s a step-by-step intro guide on how to publish your interactive video.