How to create a Product Quiz?



Overview  (aka what is the user flow)

Adding video to a Product Quiz is a fun and engaging way for your customers to find a product that is right for them. Using videos helps users visualize their choices and feel more confident in their purchase decisions.

Each quiz is a series of questions that typically culminates in a list of product recommendations. The number of questions is completely up to you, but it is recommended to keep it relatively short, 3-5 questions, to ensure your user’s finish the quiz.

It’s possible to create branching in eko, so that depending on a choice that the user makes, any subsequent questions can be customized to that choice. 

To provide product recommendations at the end of the quiz, use the “Filters Products” action in the logic panel to connect the user’s choices to products in your inventory. For example, if a user chooses “Red” for their color preference, add a “Filter Products” action to include anything with the tag “Red.” More on using filters in your eko project

Suggestions for video creative: [video creative]

Learn more about blocks on the eko platform.