How to Create a Lead Gen Quiz


The lead gen quiz is a fun way to engage your customers, while collecting new leads and zero party data. Add your videos to guide your customers through a series of questions, then include a sign up form and custom result at the end.

The number of questions is completely up to you, but it is recommended to keep it relatively short, 3-5 questions, to ensure that your users finish the quiz.

The format is simple yet flexible. It’s possible to include branching paths, or add a custom response video for each answer, to reaffirm the customer’s choice or provide more information. 

To collect the leads, you’ll need to set up a CRM integration. To collect data on which choices are being made in the project, you can also set optional custom fields in the logic panel. Customers can then add their information in the experience using the email signup block.

For the video creative, we recommend shooting your own products (demo), using compelling stock footage (demo), or scripting a hosted quiz (demo).