How to connect your Klaviyo CRM to the eko platform

Step by step instructions on how to connect the eko platform to your Klaviyo CRM


By connecting your CRM to the eko platform you have the ability to collect leads from within your Customer lead interactive experiences 

Step 1: Login to the eko platform here - 

Step 2: In the projects list, click on the project you want to connect to your CRM to

Step 3: In the upper left hand corner of the open project select “Connect lead generation” 

Note: You can also connect to your Klaviyo CRM by navigating to your Space Settings/Integrations. The steps post hitting “connect” will be the exact same 


Step 4: Select “Klaviyo” & click on “Connect”

Step 5: You will be prompted to connect via API Key 

Note: for more information related to finding or creating your Klaviyo API key see here


Step 6: Add your API Key and click “Connect” 

Step 7: You will be redirected back to the project in the editor


Note: If you are a member of more than one space you’ll be redirected to eko to select the space you would like to connect