How to embed eko video as popup using Google Tag Manager

Learn how to use Google Tag Manager to add eko video as popup to your site


Google Tag Manager should be installed on the store before proceeding to the next steps.

The following is an example how to embed eko video as a popup and configure it to show on a specific page

  1. In GTM console, in the container that is installed in the Shopify store, create a new trigger. 
    1. For trigger type, select Page View
    2. Select Some Page View
    3. In the condition, select Page Path contains the path to desired collection page:
    4. Click Save
  2. Now login to eko platform and copy the embed snippet from the published project
  1. Login to eko platform - 
  2. In the projects list, click on the project you want to embed
  3. On the right panel, click on “Copy” icon in “Embed Code Snippet” 


  1. In Google Tag Manager Create a new Tag
    1. Type Custom HTML
    2. In the HTML box, paste the embed snippet copied from eko platform
    3. In the Triggering section, select the trigger from previous step:
    4. Click Save