How to embed an eko project on Elementor

Learn how to quickly embed eko project in your site

Copy the embed snippet from eko platform

  1. Login to eko platform - 
  2. In the projects list, click on the project you want to embed
  3. On the right panel, click the “Copy” icon in “Embed Code Snippet” 


Paste the embed snippet into a “code” block in Elementor 

  1. Login to your website WordPress admin
  2. Select the page you want to embed eko project in it
  3. Click on “Edit With Elementor
  4. While in “edit” mode: 
    1. Select the “HTML” element
    2. Position the element on the page where you want to embed the eko video
    3. Click on “Edit HTML” button
    4. In the window that open, paste the embed snippet from eko platform

    5. Click on “UPDATE” 
    6. Publish the website